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Former Google China president says AI will take over jobs sooner than expected

While many have shown concern about the fate of blue-collar work, Lee believes AI will take white collar jobs first.

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Cobra951335d ago

If half the work force gets "displaced" by AI, there's no way many of them will ever get back into it for a living wage. The only solution I see is for these machines to support the human population. It would be a very Star-Trek, or Isaac-Asimov future--not that I believe the corporations will let it happen. They'll resist until enough people can't meet their needs that we get a real, bloody revolution, where executives and many MBAs meet the same fate as the royals did during the last French one.

dcbronco334d ago

I think you might be overestimating the loyalty of corporate executives. I've been around for a couple of layoffs and watch as people who participated in firing everyone else were then fired. We'll see executive backbiting on a previously unseen scale in order to cut the number of people they have to share with. It may come down to an IT team and a board of directors, hahaha. Corporate charters demand maximum profit right? When the executives start losing their jobs we'll get a universal income. They won't be able to easily find more work and the rank and file won't be far behind.