Microsoft may have found a way to save the headphone jack

Microsoft has been granted a patent for an expanding audio port, which might save the 3.5mm headphone jack from its extinction.

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Cobra9512145d ago

Apple is going to pay Microsoft a licensing fee to reinstate a jack they just killed. Yeah . . . right.

Zeref2145d ago

Apple and Microsoft have a broad cross licensing agreement.

But i get your point.

subtenko2145d ago

umm....plenty of smartphones have a headphone jack

BuildTheWall2144d ago

I'm not worried about the headphone jack dying off anytime soon. Don't care for music / videos on my phone & don't give a damn if people can listen to my phone calls. I use a DAP for my music listening , MrSpeakers & Audeze headphones , Schiit portable headphone amp / DAC , OPPO portable headphone amp. / DAC & many others as well as desktop headphone amp / DAC. As I said no worries about DAP's losing their headphone jacks


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