PureVPN Explains How it Helped the FBI Catch a Cyberstalker

After several days of radio silence, VPN provider PureVPN has responded to criticism that it provided information which helped the FBI catch a cyberstalker. In a fairly lengthy post, the company reiterates that it never logs user activity. What it does do, however, is log the IP addresses of users accessing its service.

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Cobra951367d ago

". . . the company does log user IP addresses and timestamps which reveal when a user was logged on to the service."

That makes PureVPN worthless. As the story explains, that information alone is enough to identify the user's activity during a competent investigation, such as the one conducted here. While I'm all for catching monsters and frying them, logging any user information defeats the very purpose of investing in a VPN service, for anyone, including people just trying to escape the tyranny of their own totalitarian countries. I highly recommend that anyone currently using PureVPN find a good alternative ASAP, one that logs nothing at all.