It's just recieved $90 million in funding and Lilium could revolutionize the way we travel

The German startup behind that incredible electric VTOL jet Lilium has passed a milestone. The Air-Taxi company has received $90 million in order to develop a five seater all electric flying taxi. This recent funding means that Lilium could revolutionize the way we travel.

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ajax17407d ago

I'm personally much more anticipated for the hyperloop. Plus, I'm really freaked out by the idea that hackers could disable these things midair.

pressjudge406d ago

hackers can do everything - they can disable hyperloop also or can hack a metro and crash it- the fear of everything new will always be there - but its great this doesn't stop anyone

Urist406d ago

Hackers could pose a threat, It depends on what aspects of the system are linked to a network, it should be possible to ensure the vast majority of the program is self-containing which would be a huge help

Speed-Racer406d ago

On a side note, this title .. ugh. Also "recieved?

HRoach616406d ago

Hopefully this takes off(no pun intended) and we have these in avor major city in the next 10-20 years.