Just Let The Headphone Jack Die Already

NRM: "Can we please just realise that the headphone jack is outdated and should have been killed off a while ago?"

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ajax171032d ago

Yeah, no. Headphone jack FOR LIFE!

blackblades1030d ago

Hell yeah, what kinda of nonsense is this article. I use it everyday.

sinjonezp1030d ago

How about a big !@&$?! NO! I agree dishsoap17, everywhere I go people use headphones, not wireless, just headphones. People ask me to use an aux port not Bluetooth.. Why? People prefer not to charge devices. Connect devices, Just plug in and listen. Simple. So this opinion is quite ridiculous and pure hyperbole. Long live the headphone jack!

fr0sty1030d ago

The myth that digital headphones provide better quality is bogus. All audio must be converted from digital to analog by a DAC. All you are doing with digital headphones is bypassing the DAC in your phone, which these days are getting to be high quality, and replacing them with a DAC that is bundled into some crappy ear buds. You're moving it into a new piece of hardware, nothing more. Same concept behind it. Digital audio is sent to the DAC, converted to analog, sent to the speakers. No quality difference. Having a headphone jack allows you to also use higher quality headphones for far cheaper than a digital set.

Skyblaze1031d ago

How exactly do you improve on a universally accepted format that works perfectly as is?

The_KELRaTH1031d ago

Besides being universal it's also much stronger than either Micro USB / Lightning designs

CrimsonIdol1031d ago

I put this post on his page. He deleted it so I'll put it here instead:
I got news for you mate: SOUND is analogue. At some point between your device and your speakers it must be converted to analogue. Whether it's at a 3.5 jack or after it's been beamed through the air with bluetooth or whatnot is damn near irrelevant. Throwing a link to some noise cancelling headphones means nothing, you know they've existed for longer than bluetooth has right? No, probably not, because you're openly mocking people who have an interest in good quality sound as part of some weak-arse defense of a shitty business decision by a corporate giant who wants to sell more expensive peripherals by taking away consumer choice. What? 85% of wireless headphones where Apple AirPods? Well fancy that, who'd have thought that the people who aren't forced to spend an extra couple hundred bucks don't, despite the option still being just as available to them as iPhone users.

SquishyGorilla1030d ago

Didn't delete it at all. My response is right next to it.

CrimsonIdol1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

hmmm. My post isn't there, but someone else has reposted it for me haha. Top job. Perhaps it was being screwy when I tried to edit it though, it went from being reviewed to nothing while I was watching

FinalFantasyFanatic1031d ago

But I like using the headphone jack, keeps it private and doesn't disturb other people around me.

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The story is too old to be commented.