Is It Time to Move on From the PlayStation Move?

The PlayStation VR is using motion controller technology from 2010. Is this a detriment to the PlayStation VR?

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ajax171853d ago

YES! Sony really does need new peripherals for PSVR. I was surprised when they announced it. The move should've stayed exclusive to the PS3.

Juiceid1852d ago

The move works well. If you want them to move on, it needs to be better.

welly3001852d ago

Move and the camera needs a upgrade.

robleroy1852d ago

The move works perfectly
But not many games have implemented it very well.
Two good move games are :
Batman VR

But a move controller with an analog stick or move handgloves would be welcome as additionals.

I love the fact that Sony is loyal in supporting old devices like psp or move and lately even ps2

OffRoadKing1852d ago

Yes and VR and Kinect and 3D and augmented reality and any of the other stupid gimmicky fads that are out there.