Drone flies dangerously close to incoming United flight at Newark

The crew on board a United flight landing at Newark Liberty Intl. Airport, ended up being within quarter mile of a drone just two miles from touchdown.

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OffRoadKing495d ago

People are going to have to die apparently before they realize these drone things are unnecessary BS and need to be permanently grounded.

Cobra951495d ago

People die in car wrecks all the time. Should we permanently ban all road vehicles?

supermonkeyfox495d ago

Yes but we have hundreds of regulations and laws to protect people from car-death. Currently there are no real laws to protect people from drones being used to take down a plane, deliver a bomb to a target undetected and generally cause mayhem. The potential for drone technology to be used for evil is just mind boggling.

Lionsguard495d ago

Did you just compare cars, a piece of technology that a vast majority of people rely on to go to work and improves society to a drone? Especially in an article where someone is flying said drone dangerously close to an airplane? You need to turn off your computer, sit in a corner and reevaluate everything in your life because there are screws loose in your head.

sonicwrecks495d ago

Gonna keep happening I'm afraid.

SojournUK495d ago

Hardcoded geofencing on the drones would help