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Apple Silently Kills The iPod - Discontinues iPod Line-ups

Remember the iPod? The legendary device which marked the beginning to Apple’s venture in the consumer electronics market? 27 July 2017 is the day Apple has finally put an end to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle line-ups!

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deadman121903d ago

My ipod nano 2nd died a week back. Coincidence?!

dcbronco903d ago

Who knows how to play a trumpet?

back_after_this902d ago

Which guy? ... All i see in that video is a guy playing a SAXOPHONE.

ajax17903d ago

I'm surprised they hadn't killed it off sooner.

Sahil902d ago

Was honestly waiting for one more iPod Touch. With a fingerprint sensor, a relatively decent camera, and of course running the latest IOS smoothly; I could have a mid-range Android and then all of my entertainment on the iPod. Oh well, I guess I'll just upgrade the Android

Sahil902d ago

Still got my classic. Best media player I've ever owned.

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