Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Elon Musk's Views on Artificial Intelligence Are 'Pretty Irresponsible'

The Facebook CEO sounded off during a Facebook Live chat. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have some major things in common: They're both CEOs of prominent Silicon Valley companies, and both of those companies rely heavily on artificial intelligence.

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SunnyZ1183d ago

And I think Mark Zuckerberg's human data mining database known as facebook is 'Pretty Irresponsible'.
To each their own.

KTF261183d ago

And it works very poorly
I stopped using facebook few years ago because I thought non of my friend using it anymore than I realize they are still using it but that stupid algorithm think I don't want to see new posts
and that didn't bring me back to facebook

The situation of Instagram is a little bit better
but I stopped using it few months ago

PapaBop1183d ago

Honestly, Zuckerberg isn't even in the same league as Musk. While he certainly deserves credit for his accomplishments and is obviously a very smart man but Musk is a once in a generation genius. I know whose opinion I certainly value more.

SirBradders1183d ago

Zuckerberg is a data mining tool used by the government simple. They saw his idea and the media took it to the masses.

Trilithon1183d ago

zucks a bratty little kid hoarding peoples pics and personal info. musk is trying to change the world and help the human race

OffRoadKing1183d ago

Speaking of irresponsible look up the story about Mark Suckerberg stealing land from indigenous Hawaiian people by suing them for it. That kids a POS and shouldn't be throwing those kinds of words around.

KingPin1182d ago

im glad im not the only one who has that opinion on zuckerberg.

i see people here seem to be on the same page.