One Of The Best Budget CPUs This Generation, The G4560, Might Be Killed To Force Core i3 Sales

The PC market is largely dominated by Intel CPUs. With Intel taking over AMD for almost a decade, Intel has built a large user base with Intel holding onto 80% of the total market share according to Steam’s hardware survey.

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KingPin553d ago

looks like AMD hit intel so hard with a wake up call, intel is dazed and confused right now about what to do. they been making dumb decisions since the ryzen and epyc launch.

dcbronco552d ago

Instead they might end up pushing Ryzen 3 sales. This may be a move towards further reducing the variations of chips to cut R & D and increase saving through economies of scale. But it does show AMD is forcing them to do things they would never have done otherwise.

annoyedgamer552d ago

Intel is greedy. Lower the prices. How is it that the previous generation costs the same as the current one eh?

bluefox755552d ago

They really shot themselves in the foot with this. The G4560 performs basically identically to a last gen i3-6100 at almost half the price, whereas the updated i3, the 7100 upgrade is barely noticeable over the 6100. Why would anyone buy a 6100 or 7100 when they can get a pentium that does the same thing, way cheaper.