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Stephen Hawking Claims Trump's Climate Plans Will Turn the Earth into Venus

Stephen Hawking turned seventy five this year, and as you probably know he has ALS. His mind and tongue, or at least his text-to-speech program, remain as sharp as ever, and Hawking had some strong words regarding President Donald Trump during an interview with BBC.

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BWTrail1979d ago

I would like to know more about the data from which Hawking is drawing the "irreversible" conclusion. I firmly believe that humans are contributing to global warming, but I'm not yet convinced it's irreversible since we do have millennia of data showing warming/cooling pattern.

Anzil1977d ago

I feel if we stopped wasting money on this initiative and focused on moving forward we will have a solution a lot quicker.

BWTrail1977d ago

I disagree. The more we investigate and the more data collected, then the better understanding we will have about the degrees of connections, so we will be in a position to make the best decisions for our long-term health on the planet.

TheUndertaker851976d ago

So you want them to drop it then progress faster with less funds & research occurring?

Sound logic indeed./s

kevnb1977d ago

I would also like to know how Trump makes his decisions.

big_dom_returns1977d ago

Probably on the bog, receiving a blumpkin from one of his Russian prostitutes, he has these epiphanies, as he surfs Twitter with his tiny wee hands.

bluefox7551977d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Even if we completely stopped using fossil fuels, China's carbon footprint is much bigger than ours in the US, and growing rapidly. Also, if I'm understanding correctly, the Paris Climate accord was more of a power grab than a serious solution, barely making any difference at all, and according to a study by National Economic Research Associates, it would result in a loss $3 trillion in GDP, and over 6 million jobs by 2040. Maybe I'm missing something, but that seems like a lot of concession for next to no pay off, even if you buy into the alarmism aspect of climate change it seems like a bad deal. Unfortunately, I don't see the issue ever going anywhere one way or the other since it has become so heavily politicized by politicians.

Imalwaysright1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I'ts not irreversible (yet) but the effects of global warming will probably outlast our existance on this planet. The rate at wich we are pumping CO2 into our atmostphere is allarming and Mr Trump as well as China, India, Russia etc are out of their fucking minds.

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brianparker1978d ago

If we don't take actions now our future is warm and ugly like in hell :((

MattDavisGR1978d ago

Lucifer will be down there :)))

BWTrail1977d ago

Nope, it'll be too hot. ;)

DragoonsScaleLegends1977d ago

I guess it already happened because it feels like hell in my house today. ☠

big_dom_returns1977d ago ShowReplies(1)
Auron1977d ago

He must be right cause that fool look like he melting!

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