Could Ethereum be Worth More Than $1,000 Within the Next Few Months?

The meteoric rise of Ethereum has continued unabated over the last few weeks. Buoyed by Putin’s recent meeting with the founder of Ethereum and recent announcements that it’s backing group, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, has grown, Ethereum has gone from strength to strength. Is it possible that Ethereum be worth more than $1,000 within the next few months?

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MattDavisGR710d ago

I think as it grows right now it will be more than 1000 in my opinion

brianparker710d ago

The Ethereum is very hype right now

lauraparker2017710d ago

Will it surpass Bitcoin? Hmmm i don't think so

MattDavisGR709d ago

Think again and check out the growth of Ethereum.......

brianparker709d ago

Amazing growth in orice lol. I whant to buy sine to now :)))