Man sentenced to death for insulting prophet Muhammad on Facebook

A Pakistani man has been sentenced to death after being accused of committing blasphemy by insulting the prophet Muhammad in a heated Facebook discussion.

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Speed-Racer2495d ago

Ok, maybe Trump isn't so bad. :S

NecotheSergal2495d ago

The more you learn of Islam, Sharia Law and their idea of their prophet who is a pedophile among many other things - Trust me when I say, "Those with minimal Islam strangely get less terrorism than those countries that have lots of Islam."

France and Sweden have lots of Islam due to the migrants and refugees they accepted, they also coincidentally have the most terror attacks, almost Daily these days. Poland, Japan? They have minimal to Zero terrorism, because they have minimal Islam.

I live in Canada, and we have a diversity that works and still have very little terrorism, but what we do here in Canada just does NOT work anywhere else in the world. That, and if you'd want to learn more from a Muslim who tells the truth about Islam? Do research and listen to Imam Tawhidi, he's a Based guy.

360ICE2495d ago

Sweden ranked lower on the global terrorism index than the US ...

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strifeblade2495d ago

I live in Canada too, but we do have some terrorism here. There have been big plots foiled here over the years. Some that are documented as you would see on Wiki, and quite a few kept under wraps in order not scare the public. Don't ask me how I know. I think we are lucky nothing really big has happened. The way diversity works here has nothing to do with terror plots. I think we are lucky that Canada and the US keep close contact regarding this matter. I think its thanks to US intelligence Canada is safe. Those things happened in Sweden or england or France is a combination of threat level and inexperienced people working the intelligence.

360ICE2495d ago

Yes, he is.

Firstly, because he's not good, just because the developing world is worse by comparison.

Secondly, because he completely bows to the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world, Saudi Arabia.

Nu2495d ago

People can insult Jesus without human consequences. I'll tell you why, Jesus is Lord and as lord he says "Vengeance is Mine"

When people say "Jesus peace be upon him" it's unnecessary because Jesus is the prince of peace.

InTheZoneAC2495d ago

You could simply say humans are cancer. Religion isn't cancer, just the extremists

annoyedgamer2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Government* is the problem. People can whine all they want about who insulted who but if there is no state, they have little power. The UK arrests people for insulting Islam right now and that's supposedly a secular government.

Nu2495d ago

Jesus called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites

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YoungKingDoran2495d ago

Is there any way to help this guy

annoyedgamer2495d ago

The UK arrests people for doing the same.

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