Twitter users threaten legal action if Trump doesn’t unblock them

Mayors can’t eject city hall critics, so Trump can’t block Twitter critics, either.

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ChrisW2501d ago

Only sticks-in-the-mud consider Liberals a bad thing.

annoyedgamer2501d ago

Depends on the definition of "liberal". The liberal of today isn't the luberal we knew a decade ago.

2pacalypsenow2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

New age liberals, are the worst thing to happen in the last 10 years, if you think stopping traffic to cry that you didn't get your way, or sue someone because they don't agree with you, then you're a POS and they are the reason Trump won the election, if anything people should blame liberals for Trump.

NecotheSergal2501d ago

Modern-era Liberals are trying their hardest to show that they can be worse than Socialists. Being that Liberals depend entirely on compulsive lying, victim complexes, emotional pleas, playing ignorant, slush funds, corruption, Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors? It cannot be permitted to be allowed to live as a political system. 'Classical Liberals' are such a rarity, aka, regular folks with common sense and desires who have yet to be brainwashed - they are hard to find these days - however? It's incredibly INCREDIBLY easy to Red-pill someone, and when you do? They typically become Conservative or Libertarian or Republican. Never Democrat, because Red-pilling is to accept Truth and be open-minded to numerous perspectives as is what happens in the Matrix, to be a democrat is to reject the Red Pill, and to stay in an Alice in Wonderland delusion of ignorance.

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JayPi32501d ago

I think the biggest issue is everyone trying to make a certain minority of people define an entire group of people. A handful of people who are probably extremely liberals, or may not even be liberal but hate Trump in general shouldn't represent the entire whole of liberals.

I'm a moderate, but I know there are conservatives who take it too far as well, but i'm not about to sit here and act like all conservatives are blind to any kind of reasoning that seems remotely liberal. It's not that black and white.

letsa_go2501d ago

haha these are the same liberals that have blocked me on twitter even though I have never even looked at their profiles before. I was put on some gamergate block list a few years ago, no clue why.

justy1122501d ago

are they seriously going to be throwing that First Amendment Right around. Last time I checked it's not against the law to block anyone who are writing Hateful, Hurtful, Criticizing or any other type of comments that you just don't like. that is the whole Reason that feature is even there to begin with. it's to block those who who being Trolls, Cyber Bullies or just Mean people, from doing any more damage. So this is pure farce from those have abused their rights and are trying to make this blow out of proportion than what it need to be. This is social media online, the law doesn't apply the same way it does as in Society.

freshslicepizza2501d ago

Twitter also has the right to block them. First Rights do not apply to companies like Twitch anyways, it's their service and they can block anyone they want.

Cobra9512501d ago

No one has a 1st Amendment right to use a private messaging service. The only thing the amendment covers is government action against speech.

Besides, WTF? Since when is it controversial to block whoever you want to block?

opinionated2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Lol stupid people. Yeah, have fun wasting your money on legal fees 😂

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