The PlayStation 5 Will Launch By Mid-2018

We were used to having a game console around for quite a few years before the next generation one launched. In the past years, however, this seems to have changed. The number of years that pass before the release of a new generation of gaming consoles becomes lower and lower.

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MikeyG04032333d ago

Too soon. PS4's still got some good years left.

Mr Pumblechook2333d ago

'The PlayStation 5 Will Launch By Mid-2018' - NO. It definitely won't.

thorstein2332d ago

You are correct. To claim we are a year out from PS5 with no indication from SONY.... and no presence at E3 1 year before launch?!? This is laughable.

What a shite site.

Ibi2333d ago

Even if it will be the PlayStation 5, it probably won't be a totally new device. I think it will be a major upgrade, at best.

alb18992333d ago

It will be a really stupid move.

jonivtec2333d ago

Its time to change to upgradable console.A cople of years ago console gamer were complaining about pc because of the price and need to upgrade every 2 or 3 years to maintain a solid full hd/60 fps maxed out gaming machine,but now just look at the number of console upgrade in a 6 years's ridiculous.And yet...most of time the time no full hd/60fps....

snoopgg2332d ago

We only seen 2 console upgrades, not really alot in comparded to all the pc upgrades done over the years.

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