We May Have Uncovered the First Ever Evidence of the Multiverse

A space anomaly may be a sign of other universes.

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yomfweeee1886d ago

Because you can't just take some unexplained piece of information and say some stupid thing like this.

thorstein1886d ago

If someone needs to explain it to you, then you, yourself are not well versed in the science.

This means you must learn more and recognize why you are wrong. Elsewise you are channeling a serious case of Dunning Kruger

KingPin1886d ago

science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

this nonsense is none of the above.

Cobra9511886d ago

So because they can't explain it, they jump to one of the most outrageous explanations possible. A little like aliens building the pyramids in Egypt, no? Someone needs to teach Occam's Razor to these folks.

AuraAbjure1886d ago

Why is a .00002 degree temperature difference significant?

Speed-Racer1886d ago

It seems that areas of space not in range of a sun or heated gas have a fixed temperature. -455F (Cosmic background temperature)