The Verge - HTC U Ultra review: disappointment by a thousand cuts

In a season filled with almost endless smartphone hype and announcements, you’d be forgiven if you missed that HTC, once a major player in the Android world, announced and released a new, high-end phone. That phone, the $750 U Ultra, is the company’s current flagship, and the first major device released under its own name since last spring’s HTC 10.

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KingPin1285d ago

who knows what the point of this phone was.
its not better than the HTC 10, in fact in some cases, its worse. so it was never going to be the "flag-ship" phone that HTC wanted it to be. shouldve just made a really good mid-range phone instead.

-Mezzo-1285d ago

It already had an official Price Cut, so that's telling you something.