HTC 11 Price, Release date, Specs and Everything You Need to Know

We don’t know a whole ton about the HTC 11, but recent leaks give us a look into the specifications and an idea of the design, so it’s time for consumers to start thinking about whether or not it makes sense to upgrade

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pressjudge2260d ago

Omg like HTC was the first with the full metal body, and they still rock especially with the new design of the HTC 11

KingPin2259d ago

if HTC advertised as much as samsung did, they would be top dog by miles.
sadly their ad and distribution is lacking in spades.
however that isnt to say they not making quality handsets. i've only been buying HTC handsets.
if they truly shut down, its going to be hard buying another device that will match up to theirs.
Samsung, LG, sony may have the android experience but none of them are as good as sense UI and their build quality is nowhere near HTC.