CES 2017’s top home automation systems

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been a fantastic portal into the future of home automation. A quiet stroll around the floor of the show has scores of IoT boxes, built-in-cameras, artificially intelligent and predictive algorithms, voice activation security monitors and sensors beeping and buzzing at you. It’s thrilling. The energy. The life. The innovation. Nothing short of a technological arms race. So let’s dive straight into it and talk about some of the most interesting home devices that CES 2017 had to offer.

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DesVader1134d ago

More tech to scare our parents with :) - boy are they going to be surprised when the fridge starts talking back to them "Put that chocolate back, your sugar is already too high".

GlitchedAfrica1134d ago

Been looking at Shield TV but just can't get excited about it.