Autonomous cars you wouldn't believe we saw at CES 2017

Autonomous cars are coming, and a lot sooner than you think! Car manufacturers went all out at CES 2017 this year – revealing a host of incredible concept and production cars at the show with a big focus on self-driving, artificially intelligent vehicles. Here's a look at some of the top autonomous cars from the not-so-far-away future.

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SonZeRo2270d ago

Autonomous cars will really only ever work as intended when no silly meatbags are allowed to drive. Humans are too unpredictable for computer controlled cars to work around. Maybe with Googles GO playing Super computer that might go a step towards predicting but i wouldn't hold my breath on that.

DesVader2270d ago

Honestly, I cannot wait for autonomous cars to become mainstream and take the labour out of work commutes - sit back and relax, catch up on news while you are being driven. However, you are quite right - there needs to be a decent adoption of the technology to get a lot of those unpredictable bozos off the road. Then again - computer reactions are probably faster to react but need to get really smart to predict.

thorstein2269d ago

Snow called. It laughed at your comment.

dcbronco2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I'm not sure unpredictability has anything to do with it. With autonomous vehicles you're talking about recognition and reaction. Once you get recognition down computers can easily react faster. In fact, predictability then comes into play. A computer won't be drunk, won't panic, won't be too inexperienced, too old, won't be reading (it might but can multitask better than us), putting on makeup, eating, texting... The computer won't be doing the vast majority of the things people do that cause accidents. The occasional glitch aside they are far better than we are.

GLITCHED_2270d ago

Also can't wait for this. Imagine the rise in productivity because you'll have extra time to work while travelling.

aprilrain5002269d ago

Very excited to see what Nvidia and Audi bring out later this year. It's a great partnership with so much potential. Can't wait!

sonicwrecks2269d ago

I'm pretty sure we would believe you... most everyone else has reported on them!

zodiac9092269d ago

I dunno...driving is WAY TOO enjoyable for me, than to consider autonomous cars.

Irishguy952269d ago

Its enjoyable when there are no cars on the road, what about in heavy traffic? Or if some mornings you just wanna chill and drink a coffee on your way to work? Or...if some event happens and you wanna watch the news during a long journey? It's nothing but a good option. Just in case. Heck what if you break an arm?

zodiac9092268d ago

As long as my car has a radio and can play my music..i really could care less about anything else lol

zodiac9092268d ago

Car enthusiasts dont care about the conditions just as long as they get to drive