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Prototype iPhone Emerges Online, Has Crazy iPod Click Wheel Interface

Recently the original iPhone prototype has worked its way on to the internet, interesting however is the fact that the original prototype of the iPhone was based on the iPod click-wheel system.

Like the original iPhone, this prototype was due to have an aluminum body, multi touch screen, built in 2G and WIFI. However even with all this, the interface itself seems to follow closely to the iPod with the click-wheel system.

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deadlydragon121867d ago

Crazy indeed! iPhone would have surely failed if it was released in this state!

deadman121867d ago

Too much screen is wasted with this interface, no idea what was being thought here. Especially with how they wanted you to type out messages. Bizarre!

deadlydragon121865d ago

Don't think the clickwheel would work so well without the physical feedback (the texture etc.)

deadman121864d ago

It's not... Google it Sonny Dickson released these images as well as the footage.