Can Donald Trump save Twitter?

The president-elect’s musings are reported as news almost every day, but will the attention help make Twitter great again?

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LoneWolf0191660d ago

If him saving twitter is what we are really worried about...we are more doomed then I thought

NecotheSergal1660d ago

No one really wants Twitter to be saved, being that it's run by Liberal cucks and Feminists like 'Feminist Frequency' Anita Sarkeesian and stupid shit like that - and that 'Jack'* the creator himself has been caught numerous times, parading 'the rules of Twitter' but never punishing Minorities, Women, Blacks, BLM, etc.

It's just too politically incorrect, too hypocritical, too far in the swamp.

big_dom_returns1660d ago

" run by Liberal cucks and Feminists"

Oh, do fuck off, you boring twat!

What's next on your most popular social media and internet jargon? 'Autism'? Sure, because why not?

Swear to god, no one has a brain on the internet these days. They all follow the herd.

NecotheSergal1656d ago

Why does me saying that it's run by Liberal cucks and Feminists trigger you so much? You didn't even attempt to disprove my point, you simply chose to be offended and chose to insult me because your feelings apparently got hurt. Do grow up, you silly little child <3

Then you bring up Autism - for whatever reason? Not like anyone sees Liberals as Tolerant anyways, but thanks for showing your Real self to everyone :) Intolerant, sensitive, emotionally insecure.

So, me claiming that Twitter is run by Liberal Cucks and Feminists somehow proves I have no brain, yet what I say is completely factual? Feminist Frequency is part of their 'Trust and Safety Council'. Unsure if you knew this, or you're just using your ignorance as an excuse to fuel your rampaging idiocy about how you got offended by my post.

Lastly, I brought up Jack Dorsey, who is the CEO of Twitter, there is mountains of evidence that show him promoting Censorship. This isn't a 'conspiracy theory', not exactly sure what this has to do with 'Internet Jargon', I don't believe you know what the word 'jargon' means - either way, you're clearly very dense, very emotional, and a Highly insecure, intolerant Liberal - please try to grow up and become an adult with the rest of society - and, if you are American by any chance - Hope you enjoy the Trump Presidency, MAGA.

Also, reporting you for being so obnoxious and getting so emotionally distraught over Facts and Truth.

MagicBeanz1660d ago

I hope not, the world will be better once Twitter is gone. Facebook, Instagram and all that other crap too.