Engadget - LG's new OLED TVs are so thin they have to be wall mounted

LG has made a habit of wowing us with new 4K OLED TV sets at CES for the past few years, and this year isn't any different. With its insanely thin W-series, the company has managed to outdo its still impressive G6 "Picture on Glass" TVs. LG's tagline for the W-series 4K sets -- "Picture on Wall" -- sums up their appeal. At just 2.6mm thin across their entire frame, they can be mounted completely flat against your wall. They look more like a work of modern art than any television I've seen.

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SunnyZ2276d ago

"At just 2.6mm thin"

Yeah. Calling bullshit on that...

Quite sure they mean 2.6cm

KingPin2276d ago

take it you didnt read the article before commenting.

cabbitwithscissors2276d ago

Nah...he's just an Apple fan, and is mad that Apple didn't come out with it first. ;P

ravinash2275d ago

Apple would make it thinner by taking away the screen.

yezz2275d ago

We're getting closer and closer to those foldable tvs. This is already slightly bendable.