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Amazon wins patent for flying warehouse

First there were drones, now there are going to be flying warehouses?

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Speed-Racer2466d ago

The future is here! Well ok not just yet, but we're definitely living in an age of rapid advancement.

Zerg2466d ago

Apple will surely beat them to it!!

Speed-Racer2466d ago

Yea.....could you not with the Apple comments? Kinda annoying now.

sonicwrecks2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Will the drones be trailing 10ft tails of dongles behind them?

SouthClaw2465d ago

Be realistic Apple couldn't do it their battery would die within 20 minutes.

annoyedgamer2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

You mean Apple will steal the idea a few years later and call it innovation...

XXanderXX2465d ago

You mean copy them and claim its been in development

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sonicwrecks2466d ago

Future headline: "Amazon now has world's largest air force"

MagicBeanz2465d ago

Amazon, ruining our world one stupid idea at a time.

jaycptza2465d ago

Could not agree more, their insurance and cost of running maintaining the warehouse will be astronomical. Prices might exceed brick and mortar in no time. Also if it crashes, fuck me that would be a mess

nowitzki20042465d ago

The first thing I thought of was it crashing. Its eventually going to happen and it will be really really bad. Hopefully they dont fly that thing over my house.

jaycptza2465d ago

@nowitzki2004 I could imagine that happening, bad idea

SquishyGorilla2465d ago

How do I report a duplicate story on the mobile version of the site?


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