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PewDiePie trolls the world by deleting 2nd channel, but here's the hidden message behind it all

PewDiePie has once again trolled the world, more so the mass media, by deleting his second and less popular YouTube account.

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Speed-Racer2550d ago

Who really thought he would have been silly enough to throw away his entire brand?

Zerg2550d ago

I was hoping he would. He is cancer.

overrated442549d ago

I don't watch the guy but calling him cancer is a little much, most people that hate other people that are popular just do so because that person is successful.

DillyDilly2549d ago

It's how he makes money he wont delete shit & we all know it

MagicBeanz2549d ago

Who's this dude and why do people care if he deletes his channels?

FlyingFoxy2549d ago

How exactly is he trolling the world? Sounds like more clickbait rubbish. Some people have never even watched his videos, i think i saw maybe less than 30 seconds of one once and that was it.

SarcasticDuck2549d ago

how can someone gets trolled when a video on his channel is saying the channel was deleted? I personally just clicked to see what was the stupid thing representing "deleting his channel". (i was hoping it was true, though)

Ninver2549d ago

This guy has the type of head one would enjoy smashing.


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