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PewDiePie quit plan prompts YouTube reply

YouTube denies changing its algorithms, after its most popular star threatens to delete his channel.

SunnyZ2550d ago

Delete your channel and never come back.

MagicBeanz2550d ago

Yeah the only time Youtube reacts to anything is if they feel they might lose some money.

TwistedMetal2550d ago

deleete your channel and dont come back pewd. I like how this new era of people act like watching pewdipie is good for them and is quality entertainment lol. im sorry but watching his crap channel 24/7 on youtube only makes the world more dumb. I mean people used to watch shows like peewee and such when they were kids but it was what 30 minutes to an hour long. people are literally watching pewdipie 24/7 and he offers nothing remotely able to stimulate the mind. Just a bunch of banter and screams and stupid crap. You want to know why trump won its because the american people are getting dumber everyday. freaking spongebob stimulates the minds better then pewdipie.

rocketpanda2550d ago

Why does he have to offer anything remotely interesting to cater to your standards? His content like any youtube channel is subjective. Tv has produced brain dead programs for years on end way before YouTube, this is nothing new. People have always been dumb, blaming a popular YouTuber for Americans getting dumber is laughable.

With the amount money he is raking in, anyone thinking he is stupid enough to delete his channel is naïve, no matter how much you want him to.

But let's not mention how he also uses his fame for various charity campaigns and awareness since 2012 raising. He probably does more than most of his critics.

FYI, I don't watch his content or a sub, I am just amused by the hate he gets for being popular.

Kizwiz62549d ago

Is it any better than people watching reality tv? Pewdiepie at least gives insight on the different games available to play - which is one reason why I would sometimes tune in to watch his channel.

You're being FAR too cynical.

TXIDarkAvenger2549d ago

What kind of dumb logic is that? You can easily watch TV shows like that just as long. You sound mad af.

kevnb2549d ago

Actually the stats show that older folks liked trump more than younger.

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DillyDilly2550d ago

So he did not delete his account shame

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