Vacuum Tube-Era Tech is Ushering in a New Generation of Superfast Devices

Researchers have created a semiconductor-free microelectronic system using a gold nanostructure to improve the conductivity of a vacuum-tube system by 1,000 percent. If they are able to make their tech affordable and conducive to widespread implementation, it could revolutionize consumer electronics and even bypass Moore's Law.

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Retroman2579d ago

What was the POINT progressing to Transistor in the 70's If in the Future 2016-17-18 technology Return back to Vacuum tube resistor .
Gaw! im living to long notice fashion, technology,automobile design repeating itself .

SunnyZ2577d ago

What is the point of commenting on an article when it is clear you did not even bother to read it?

Irishguy952576d ago

Because transistors have reached their limit? Aside from a few new ideas, but may as well look at other options as the new ideas are just new options and face the same issues as other ideas(liek the article)

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Trouverunpsy2575d ago

Je trouve ce truc complètement fou...en France on a pas trop l'habitude de ce genre de chose !

2574d ago

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