Here's what the world will be like in 2045, according to top scientists

Predicting the future is fraught with challenges, but when it comes to technological advances and forward thinking, experts working at the Pentagon's research agency may be the best people to ask.

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KingPin1922d ago

give me a hoverboard before then or stfu.
and the ones that roll on the floor causing face plants do not count.

FlyingFoxy1922d ago

in 12 years we will have AI as smart as the average human, and we will be able to have talking conversations with it.. according to Ray Kurzweil at least, and with Google DeepMind on the case i bet that's a pretty accurate date.

It feels like we aren't far off to a point where we will have robots like Johnny 5 that can actually think for themselves, the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is already looking really advanced so imagine how they will be in just 10 years.