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PlayStation VR (Hardware) Review | CGM

Sony has built the first truly mass market VR Headset with PlayStation VR that has the potential to hit a millions of Sony fans.

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ji32002543d ago

sony uses RGB per pixel display so you don't see screen door pixel.

bfrye262543d ago

Even with the OLED display, there is a bit of screendoor effect on the headset in select games. Not as bad as seen on the DK1 or DK2, but it is noticeable


2023 Volkswagen Golf R review: a hot hatch for the aging enthusiast

The 2023 Volkswagen Golf R stands among the hottest of hatches, with the horsepower and handling chops to boot. But it's also the coziest and most mature.

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The New Sonos Move 2 Brings Portability With Fun

Four years later and Sonos introduces a new portable speaker, the Move 2, bringing original innovation.

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Samsung is likely to unveil Galaxy Ring at Galaxy Unpacked next year

Samsung is reportedly functioning on a smart ring that it is possibly going to call the “Galaxy Ring.”

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