Germany (and possibly EU) to ban internal combustion engines by 2030

Germany has passed legislation to ban all internal combustion engine (ICE) cars from its roads starting in 2030.

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Speed-Racer2085d ago

I'll miss the sound of V8s and V10s but it's definitely time we put an end to emissions. The next step would be to reconsider container shipping boats that emit tons of carbons.

annoyedgamer2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Yea and they will float the cargo over the ocean using pixie dust engines. Maybe the pixie dust engines can ship the refugees in from the middle east and Africa Merkill and the EU are so hellbent on importing into Europe.

Geniuses like you who couldn't be bothered to pick up an economics textbook or history book will be the cause of WW3.

Speed-Racer2084d ago

You sound like one of those people who still believe the earth is flat

bluefox7552085d ago

Renewable energy only accounts for about 1/3 of energy in Germany, so this is just an expensive, pointless, feel-good move that trades gasoline emissions for coal fire power plant emissions.

Speed-Racer2085d ago

Because 2030 is tomorrow, right? /s

annoyedgamer2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

There will not be a viable alternative by 2030. If you knew anything about the industry you would not be spouting ignorant statements.

Ogygian2085d ago

Banning is a bit harsh. Taxation is the way to go. If the odd person wants to use a combustion engine, and pay for the privilege, they're not hurting anyone.

Muadiib2085d ago

Then this is just another reason the UK will benefit from the Brexit. Germany and the EU couldn't be more out of touch with reality.

annoyedgamer2085d ago

The UK will be brimming with riches is this is actually done. The only issue is this will start WW3 as mass poverty wipes out the European economy and the countries erupt into violence.

sonicwrecks2085d ago

It's doing so well from the split at the moment.

Artemidorus2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Mercedes are well known for AMG cars with V8 and V12 so it's Germany kicking itself again.

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The story is too old to be commented.