Microsoft Said to Ban Linux on Windows 10 Signature Edition PCs

So much for the “Microsoft loves Linux” phrase

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Pikachuuu1623d ago

I don't believe in Lenovo even a bit.

FinalFantasyFanatic1621d ago

True, I brought a Lenovo laptop, not one of my best decisions, on paper the specs looked good. But I've had quite a few problems with it and you have to jump through hoops to get any help and support. Even extending your warranty is a painful process, never buying another Lenovo laptop after this one kicks the bucket.

Pikachuuu1621d ago

Consider selling it as soon as you can before it gives up on you.

SunnyZ1622d ago

A PC with a locked OS is no longer a PC.

joeorc1622d ago


No it's still a PC, it's just that it's an embedded PC ..the Hardware configuration for some changes are restricted to a certain profile of built in Software for its hardware.

PC = simply personal Computer..

Over the years , a certain couple of companies have tried to make sure PC = or its perception to mean "Windows " being what makes a PC to be a PC..example screwgooled marketing campaign, and of course Apple's famous : I'm a Mac & I'm a PC viral marketing campaigns..

So it's still a PC, it's just that it's a PC with a restriction of What Operating systems can be loaded onto the hardware.

007Tech1622d ago

this will surely hit MS sales

AuToFiRE1622d ago

They've been doing this for decades. Its these tactics that have made microsoft so powerful

TheUndertaker851621d ago

What part of it wouldn't be?

iOS devices are locked to iOS. Windows Phone to Windows Phone. Google also likes locking devices to Android.

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