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Razer’s goes its own way with Ornata, a home-baked gaming keyboard | Digital Trends

Razer’s new mecha-membrane switches will certainly draw in the throw-in keyboard crowd, but are they quick and responsive enough to convince mechanical die-hards that membrane keyboards are worth another look?

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Dasteru2871d ago

Typists prefer Cherry Greens. There are several quiter mechanical key types. Cherry Reds for example. No sane person prefers membrane keys. Also Topre is the middle ground, but they are even more expensive.


There's finally a new 8K monitor on the way, with DisplayPort 2.1 included

The ASUS ProArt Display PA32KCX is on the way - a brand-new 8K monitor designed for professionals, including DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity.


LG quietly fixes vulnerability in thousands of their TVs which could give access to hackers

Owners of LG TVs may want to learn about this vulnerability which could give hackers access to your device. Luckily, LG has rolled out a fix.


Galaxy S25 to Integrate Advanced Google AI Features

Samsung's Galaxy S25 is set to elevate Google AI integration, extending to hardware depths.

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