IFA 2016: Lenovo Yoga Book video preview - Tech IT Out

At IFA 2016, which was held in Germany’s capital city Berlin, Darryl Linington - from Tech IT Out, met up with Jeff Meredith, GM & VP of Lenovo’s Android & Chrome Computing Business Group, in order to get an overview of Lenovo’s latest and greatest innovation – the Lenovo Yoga Book.

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Settler1548d ago

Is is right that Lenovo Yoga will have Chrome OS? Rumored

ITFGaming1547d ago

From what I know the Yoga Book will feature Android and Windows 10. No mention of the Chrome OS.

Settler1547d ago

This is what I chekced on The Verge
In an interview with TechRadar this week, Matt Lazare, Yoga Book campaign manager at Lenovo, said he and his team are "thinking very seriously" about Chrome OS, "especially with the big upgrades coming down the road that will allow access to the Android app ecosystem."

007Tech1547d ago

yeah true! who uses chrome, they don't want to keep their sales at stake

007Tech1548d ago

previous YOGA devices were awsm, hope it would be as same or more better than that