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Opera's unlimited free VPN is now here for Android

Opera is finally bringing its free VPN software to Android today, after integrating its VPN technology into its desktop browser and iOS app earlier in the year. Better yet, Opera is offering its service with completely free unlimited access, which is going to put pressure on a lot of the paid-for options out there.

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Devil-X2588d ago

Now, this is something really freaking awesome in a long long time.

Settler2588d ago

Everyone loves free stuff but at what price?

TechImperia2587d ago

Thank you Opera. Finally I can visit those blocked websites without any hassle.

KingPin2586d ago

how much different is this to opera max?
i know max allows you to save data coz it compresses it at the same time.

Devil-X2586d ago

Seriously man ?? A VPN is a different thing altogether.

KingPin2585d ago

please explain....

this is taken from the opera max help page (

"Android shows that Opera Max consumed more data than it saved. What’s wrong?

On Android's Data usage page, it may seem that Opera Max has consumed all or most of your mobile data. This is misleading. Your apps are consuming the data, not Opera Max. When our virtual private network (VPN) is established, Android assigns traffic usage to Opera Max. If this is the case, you can check what apps are hogging your data in the Opera Max app."


Famous ChatGPT app Petey is currently available for iPad

The famous ChatGPT application for Apple Watch, Petey, became available for iPhone a couple of months ago.

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WhatsApp has a new “HD” button

No more blurry photos on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp’s AI-generated stickers could give casual users an edge

This WhatsApp feature is going to make creating stickers easier.

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