Uber Proves Why Silicon Valley Should Keep Out of China

Uber found out what many other U.S. tech companies realized long ago: China is an alluring trap. Most American web companies including Google, Facebook and Amazon are either banned from China or have flopped there. And their odds of success are only getting slimmer. Bloomberg Gadfly's Shira Ovide explains why it might be time for U.S. web companies to permanently give up on China.

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Devil-X1426d ago

Yup. Definitely.

Even a giant like Amazon is a failure in China. They have Taobao for that. Uber is a also a failure as they have Didi for that. Tesla is going to be a failure soon as they have LeEco for that which will soon be giving Tesla a run for its money. Well, to be honest China is one completely different world out there. You as a Westerner may cringe out there on your visit for how overcrowded the place is and how rude the Chinese people are but you also will admire how much ahead the Chinese are in terms of tech compared to the western world. It is one thing that has not been discussed much since China is a reserved country which definitely doesn't like to share its resources with the others.

Devil-X1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Well this is exactly what I mentioned in my comment above

P.S - The post wasn't even published when I made the above comment. this is just one amazing fluke which proves my point :P