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Chinese Tesla Driver Blames Autopilot For Crash He Could Have Easily Avoided

A Tesla Model S was involved in a crash in Beijing earlier this week, with yet another driver blaming Autopilot. This is the first alleged Autopilot crash in China, but when you watch the video, it’s amazing it happened at all.

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Speed-Racer2675d ago

No idea why people are so dependent on a driving assist feature. It's not fully autonomous just yet.

TXIDarkAvenger2675d ago

It baffles me that people think its fully able to autopilot. I'm hearing stuff about people thinking it would be okay to sleep or watch a movie behind the wheel.

Enigma_20992675d ago

If you're too lazy to drive your car, you shouldn't have a car.

level 3602675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Not defending the driver and his/her lazy attitude.. but do think the car ( Tesla ) should have activated it's distance sensor?, like with certain Audi vehicles' a light blinks just on the inside of the side mirror which is facing the driver - alerting and informing them of vehicles within it's vicinity.


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