Facebook Celebrates Forcing 1 Billion of its Existing Users to Download Messenger

Have you seen the headlines? Facebook Messenger just hit 1 billion users.

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Devil-X821d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Please give all the fantastic developers at Facebook a big round of applause for their efforts in forcing all of us to Download their "Messenger" App. ( When they could have just blend in the functionality into the main App instead. WOW! just wow )

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donwel819d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot they did that.
I just uninstalled the facebook app from my phone though like a non-retarded person.
Well, a non retarded person wouldn't have had it installed in the first place but...

madmonkey01818d ago

it was in the main app before, but they changed it.

Devil-X818d ago

I know. Ever heard of the word *sarcasm* ?

MyDietEqualsGames819d ago

They didn't force anything. Lol. It's up to you to download it. Something I didn't do.

819d ago
madmonkey01818d ago

I still dont download it, i use the phone browser for messages, in desktop mode then it wont give you the prompt to download.