The Air Bonsai already raised $843,743 on Kickstarter - Tech Gadget Central

The Air Bonsai is a gadget that will turn your home into a beautiful place and leave your friends speechless when they see it.

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pressjudge2842d ago

Dude this is crazy tech, now this is something that really made sense sponsoring. Even I gave them some for the project.

headpress2842d ago

I gave $100 and happy to the success they have

Devil-X2841d ago

Backed from my side as well. this is some really cool tech.

emilysmithltg2842d ago

It seems extremly relaxingjust watching the video. I need to have one on my workdesk

Devil-X2841d ago

Yeah, it's bound to turn a lot of eyeballs towards your workdesk.

mac_02842d ago

I think this could be an impressive decoration piece in any home or office.

3-4-52841d ago

This is actually a really cool idea. I'd buy one for sure.

MagicBeanz2841d ago

Kickstarter is proof human beings are stupid.

Devil-X2841d ago

people innovate, that isn't called stupid.

MagicBeanz2833d ago

I never called innovation stupid, people giving away their money to stupid projects is stupid.

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