Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam and mic with tape

Mark Zuckerberg is just as afraid of being spied on as the rest of us, as detailed in this photo.

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Speed-Racer2541d ago

Maybe he should spy less on us? But I guess he won't be able to make the millions he does...

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gizmig2541d ago

Everyone likes to be on the safer side and being a popular person around the globe he must be in the hit list of the hackers.

jessionpc2541d ago

...He clearly knows something we don't...

I think... I'm gonna disconnect my headphones when I'm not using them from now on...

KurtRussell2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

God, i hate that twit. And his company. That right there is a fascist disguised in a nice non-threatening grey shirt.

donwel2540d ago

Did you see that interview he had where they got him to take his hoodie off?
There was some proper cult like shit printed on the inside of it, apparently these hoodies are given out to all of his employees as well.

KurtRussell2540d ago

Haha didn't know about that, must be some Jewlluminati stuff (bad joke i know, i dont have a problem with jews)
Anyway bad jokes aside, Facebook and other social media has a potential to be used for propaganda, monitoring and other nefarious means by the ppl in power that is unrivaled in history. It's Goebbels' wet dream.
And it is going in a very wrong direction, but people are dumber than ever and just eat it all up. All because they can be a mini celebrity and post shit from their life like anyone gives a fuck. I swear such people would be okay with cctv's all around their house and microchip's in their skulls if some twit like Zuck would give them a "cool" enough reason for it.

annoyedgamer2541d ago

Hide behind some more walls and guns while calling us paranoid. lying, thieving shill.

KurtRussell2540d ago

That twit is a hypocrite of the first order.

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