If you’re dealing with a poor cell signal on your iPhone, flip this feature on

If you're constantly riddled with poor cell service, utilizing Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone will save you a buttload of aggravation.

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Settler2036d ago

Could you please tell me why this feature is useful? In laymen's language??

KnowTechie2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

sure. phone has no cell reception, you turn this feature on and you continue to have service. I think the article explains this all in laymen's terms.

nix2036d ago

that guy has anonymous as profile pic but can't understand simple english.

KingPin2036d ago

but this is only useful if you're connected to wifi.
if you in the bush somewhere with no signal, your phone is still a brick.

wifi calls are created by service providers to still gain some income over voip services like skype, numbuzz, etc.