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The 5 Bad Characteristics of LG Nexus 5X - BadFive

Nexus family became bigger, when last October LG Nexus 5X was released. A smartphone that runs with Androids latest operating system(Marshmallow), with excellent specs, that takes great photos and also comes with a controversial price tag. But let’s see what you should know if this device stuck in your mind.

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Settler2035d ago

I dont know about others opinion but nexus devices are awesome atleast you get the latest android version quickly

gdemos012035d ago

LG smartphones are way too fragile. That's why I would never buy one.

Speed-Racer2035d ago

I have a Nexus 5 that's gone to war and come back and it still survived all those challenges. Also had a Nexus 4 with both sides being gorilla glass. It stood up really well for about 2 years but I only dumped it because of a failing section of my touchscreen.

Settler2035d ago

Its not in the case of LG it happens in almost every smartphone