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Nepal gets first fiber link to China, ends dependence on India

DatacenterDynamics: A landlocked nation wedged between India and China, Nepal has long sought to remain independent and keep on good terms with the two economic and military giants, constantly trying to balance the interests of each nation.

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gizmig1991d ago

Nepal strengthening their ties with China.

doctorstrange1991d ago

Yeah, really seems like they jumped on the chance to do it after Nepalese-Indian relations began to sour

gizmig1991d ago

Definitely as it strengthen the ties up between China and Nepal on the other end it will somewhat affect relationship between India and Nepal too.

doctorstrange1990d ago

Yeah, this means they can't have the same issues as they had with oil when they were fully reliant on India for delivery. However, it also means increasing power and control by China...

007Tech1990d ago

A big achievement for nepal... Bt i thnk they are trapped