Apple has just become an energy company, looks to sell excess electricity into the grid

A big fan of renewable energy, Apple is making plans to sell excess power generated by rooftop solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells at its new spaceship campus.

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sonicwrecks1135d ago

A good example of planning ahead at the design stage of the building this, not only is everything covered but Apple get to make more money just by the building existing in the first place.

007Tech1133d ago

now they came to realise that..future of iphones are in danger

gizmig1133d ago

Well having an additional option will consider as a result of good leadership and if they have excess of electricity there is no harm in trading that.

007Tech1131d ago

Yeah.. I completely agree

gizmig1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

LOL! That is why TechSpy have up vote and down vote. If you agree just hit up vote.


if he presses the up vote button then how would he come up in the points table!


no man when the wealthy people will realise that iphones are just name then and only then the future of iphones will be in danger otherwise in the the name of brand apple the iphones might keep seeling.

gizmig1131d ago

I guess you mean "Selling" at the end. And yes its not only about the wealthy people Nowadays I have seen iPhones in hands of most of my friends who are not as wealthy as it supposed to be. Plus the you cant deny the fact they have one of the best smartphones in the market.

gninja921133d ago

How about they instead provide FREE Electricity to 3rd world nations? If your only goal in life is more money, no amount will ever feel enough.

KingPin1133d ago

PLOT TWIST: in order to use their power, you'll have to change all the plugs in your house.