5 ways to stop spam from invading your email

PC World - We're all sick of spam, whether it's Nigerian banking scams, pseudo-sexy invitations, or click-for-malware buttons. Here's how to get them out of your life.

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yes that irritate me every 2 minutes i receive promotional emails on my gmail and i get angry too much on them i was wondering for these measures i hope they help me.

-Mezzo-1931d ago

I've learned to accept the Spam as a part of my life.

A sad, irritation filled part.


i dont think that we should tollerate these they must be banned and they really irritate me and i was not able to stop them. i would defenitely try these measures to stop them!

-Mezzo-1931d ago

You are right, they shouldn't be tolerated but sadly there isn't much we can do to completely stop them.

Yes try these out, maybe they'll help you.

gizmig1931d ago

You can't do anything to stop spam all you can do is just mark them as spam and let it go in your spam folder.

garrettbobbyferguson1930d ago

Third party is the best option for businesses. The rest are standard practices. I haven't seen spam that I haven't personally signed up for in a long time.