Surveyor 1 Photos: NASA's 1st Lunar Landing Happened 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago on June 2nd, the United States reached a key milestone in its moon program — soft-landing a robotic craft from the surface.

sonicwrecks2552d ago

Pretty amazing to think that about how far the technology has come since that time. Its important to remember just how big a deal this breakthrough was.

garrettbobbyferguson2551d ago

Shame people think the actual moon landing was faked. Hopefully SpaceX and various organizations can make proper breakthroughs. I wish I could have gone into this field of study instead of what I had chosen, I would have loved to be working with these things.

sonicwrecks2549d ago

Oh you should see some of the comments we've had even here about that, and how we're all utterly enraptured by the "big conspiracy"(!)