Seven months later, Valve’s Steam Machines look dead in the water

Yesterday, Valve announced that it has shipped more than 500,000 Steam controllers since unveiling them in November. While that number sounds initially impressive for a brand new console and operating system, a closer analysis reveals it’s actually pretty bad.

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ChrisW2254d ago

To me, the whole thing seemed more like one big market test. I mostly believe this because Valve played it safe by licensing it out to 3rd parties; like Alienware... and they also made Steam OS free to download.

I also have a rather strong feeling that the major console makers are very interested in utilizing the data Valve accumulated from their "tests". With the aforementioned in mind and hearing things about Neo and Scorpio, it's easy to speculate that Sony and MS looked very carefully at what Valve did with their Steam Machines. However, we may not actually see any of it until the official "next generation" of consoles a couple more years down the road after Neo and Scorpio launch.

-Mezzo-2254d ago

Considering how hard Valve was on board with this idea, i wouldn't call it a test.

-Mezzo-2254d ago

I said this back when everyone was riding the Steam Machine hype train, PC gamers are too busy with their glorious rigs and its too late to try and tap into the Console Market.