5 Futuristic Gadgets You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

1. No more Woof If you have trouble understanding what your dog is trying to tell you, then No more woof , is a gadget for you. This small device is a headset that analyses your dog’s brain waves and translates them into words with actual meaning. Using this gadget you can finally understand how

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gizmig1934d ago

Samsung is going way beyond when it comes to testing futuristic concepts.

gdemos011934d ago

They always seem to be ahead of our time but sometimes they fail to finish what they started

gizmig1934d ago

Well its all about if they getting success in what they doing. But the point is they are trying to do more experiments.


Yes that probably happened with their old smartphones!

garrettbobbyferguson1933d ago

I'm not quite sure about some of these things, like No More Woof.