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5 Outdated Technology Still Being Used Today

A lot of folks are not able to move on with the trend, they do everything to resist change which is a normal trait of the human being – being scared of what’s replacing something you know how to use.

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proudly_X1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Is that a pager in the list? Reminds me of that mediocre film, London has fallen

mushroomwig1938d ago

Do you mean White House Down? That's the one where the pager was used.

Speed-Racer1938d ago

^ This. I think he's mixing it up with Olympus Has Fallen.

proudly_X1938d ago

Oh yea, White House Down.. I missed that,

Speed-Racer1940d ago

Would be great if this article were just one page :(

Speed-Racer1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Some of these like VCRs for instance are all dependent on the level of technological and financial advancement in each country. Where I live, no one uses a VCR unless its to pull up cold storage archived stuff which also is slowly being converted to DVD format. As for pagers, it seems to be more convenient and more reliable than a cellphone sometimes for really short messages.

s45gr321939d ago

How short a message. Nah the cellphone is way better than a pager

Aenea1938d ago

Except that pagers are more reliable when it gets busy on the network, plus they apparently also work better in spots where cellphones have bad reception like in the lower levels and tunnels of a hospital (or bunker in the White House?)...

s45gr321939d ago

U.S. using floppy discs for its nuclear program is actually smart. No worries about hackers hacking their nuclear network and two floppy discs only last about a day (those floppy discs are easily bendable and the data gets corrupted easily ). All they need is to reformat the floppy disc numerous times

gizmig1938d ago

Really? Who use pagers nowadays? :P

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