Motorola RAZR set to make a comeback

Motorola is set to introduce a modern day spin on the ever popular RAZR flip phone.

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Speed-Racer2272d ago

Very interesting! I had one of these in blue and pink. They were pretty decent phones even though mine went through hell and only lasted two years.

R3DRAIN892271d ago

Atleast battery on this lasted longer than most phones today. I think t mobile should remake the SideKick phones, more slimmer, keep slide with keyboard (optional ). Oled screen with new tech and all and it be a must buy.

Summons752267d ago

Granted back then the phone didn't do a fraction of what cellphones do today so that helped but I do miss the long battery life. Now we are lucky if these batteries that last "24-36 hours of usage and 48 on standby" even get 3 fully charged and brand new.

It would be neat to see the flip style come back and integrate everything smart phones do.

SilverClock2271d ago

I never liked using a touch screen to type. Still miss the keyboard that I had on my phone, I could type much much faster, and accurately.

garrettbobbyferguson2270d ago

That "trailer" they made for this was a bit too accurate for my tastes, from the clothes down to the song choice.

Sahil2269d ago

So Nokia's gonna rival this with a 3310 reboot then.