Nokia Is Planning A Massive Comeback And Nobody Noticed

With Microsoft almost giving up on its mobile future after purchasing Nokia’s devices and services division for a staggering $7.2 billion, the former world’s NO.1 phone manufacturer attempts a comeback.

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proudly_X1896d ago

If you ask me, I'd say Nokia is dead. I am not sure how Microsoft got lured into signing a $7.2 billion deal that involves loaning the Nokia brand name for only 2-years. I mean, WTF...

It's like Nokia knew she was dead and found a way to rape Microsoft. Now, Nokia got her name back and want a comeback :(


Your point is pretty well right as now no one even thinks to own an nokia smartphone instead they prefer Samsung and other top level company. I think nokia and blackberry too need a big rise in the smartphones market.

After selling lumia the company faced a lots of problem but after getting it back the company can rock the market with windows smartphones.

ISHU1895d ago

I still think they might have a chance if they come up with a good phone with solid specs and build quality....other than that they won't survive long.

Highlife1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I wouldn't say Microsoft got raped. They tried to hard to keep there terrible mobile platform relevant and it just didn't work. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot.

Tapani1895d ago

How come Nokia is dead when the company is profitable and one of the biggest network infrastructure companies in the world?? They are basically market leaders in the US and going to be very big on IoT, which is at least a 15 trillion market in the coming years.

The company sold toxic business and focused on stable growth. The company is healthy, and it doesn't have to be up there with Apple, Google or Samsung to stay that way.

Do your homework.

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silvacrest1895d ago

They should have gone with windows phone OS, simple as that, nokia make solid devices and everyone except apple uses stock internals so the only thing left as a USP is build quality/build design and the manufacturer skin on top of android, you dont even get that with windows.

hopefully they do actually go with android and dont make their own OS, its to late for that now

Sahil1889d ago

No No No, Nokia shouldn't come back. I want to tell my kids that there was once a phone company called Nokia and it ran the mobile phone world.